Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome to frugal cooking!

As I said in my "bio" I love to cook. Right now i help cook dinner for 7 people every night and that number will hopefully grow. We feed 7 on less than 100 dollars a week sometimes, sometimes we spend more. I think the most frugal we have been is when we had 25.00 to feed 12 people Friday evening till Monday morning... we managed!

Where do these people come from. My business partner has 4 young adult children (19-20 living with him) and they have various friends who spend time there. That weekend, some friends had come from out of town.

We have learned alot of tricks to stretching meals and everyday is an adventure... we often buy groceries on a daily basis and some days we look in the cabinets and have to get creative. We don't buy alot of prepackaged food, other than frozen pizza or mac and cheese. I personally think the preservatives are bad for us and quite frankly they are expensive. the most important rule is that it is filling, and that it is good! We do some traditional meals (tacos, spaghetti) but we also get creative and have fun with new recipes.

We also work alot, so time is usually a factor as well, although some meals we will spend some time on. The crockpot is our best friend!

Last night was left overs. I think we had pork chops, ribs, pinto beans and cornbread in the fridge. We did a purge... and now we have 2 more people coming from out of town so the next few days should be fun!

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