Sunday, December 16, 2007

A weekend of cooking

I did alot of cooking this weekend. We had gotten a ton of sweet potatos and yes, we like them baked, fried like frenchfries and many other ways but this weekend I baked sweet potato pies. Here is a link to the recipe:

Sweet Potato Pie

We also made corn cassarole. This dish we use alot when we have to make a meal streach! When we are cooking for 12 we make it with 4 cans of corn... so you may want to make less!

Corn Cassarole

I baked more bread as well. A friend of lydias was making plates for shut ins this weekend so we donated all of these dishes.

We did buy a ham and ate on that most the weekend. We had also gotten potatos given to us so we used those for potatos au gratin. The hambone of course made beans this evening.

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